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Single Channel Audio
In biospheak, travis works with artificial intelligence processes (i.e. real-time voice cloning, speech synthesis) and a data set of site-specific audio recordings of the surrounding environment. The resulting audio in biospheak is that of a loose interpretation of the environments own speech.

biospheak is currently in development and will continue to grow into a series of site-specific works.

"Soundscapes in the Garden", presented by UNM Art & Ecology | Land Arts of the American West | Albuquerque Museum. "A Garden", is a living regenerative art + agroecology project. The art space was started in 2018 as a site for community events and experimental art & ecology creations. The project cultivates relationships between soil, plants, and animals with the greater Albuquerque community. Located in the sculpture garden of the Albuquerque Museum, it grows year after year as Art & Ecology and Land Arts of the American West students explore specific topics and then respond creatively on-site in this living garden installation.Curated By:
Marlene Tafoya

2022 Participating artists:
Seylon Stills | Zac Travis

When: August 25, 2022, from 6:00-7:00 pm

Where: North side of the Albuquerque Museum (Mountain Road & 20th St. NW)