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love me, love me bot

Installation shots from the solo show “love me, love me bot” at Antecámara de Projectos, Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez Curated by Victoria Vinamaragui

Excerpt from “love me, love me bot”

Three Channel Video Display
15 minutes
Love me, love me bot is a video series and installation developed by analyzing automated technologies and their relationship with human emotions. Technology is designed to be seamless and invisible while providing a function that pulls us to become closer to perfection. Perfection is furthest from what naturally defines us as humans. Love me, love me bot critically examines the qualities that make us intrinsically human, such as love, imperfection, and failure.

travis works with artificial intelligence (Natural Language Generation1, and Real-Time Voice Cloning2) and an extensive data set of lyrics from well-known love songs. The generated lyrics and vocals appearing on the screens are a computer's possible interpretation of love. The results are an amalgamation of human and machine, love and imperfection, and faulty technology.

Existing within binaries of imperfection and perfection, Love me, love me bot reacts to our current condition where the human experience coexists with technology. Subverting perceptions of perfectionism and invisibility as it relates to technology.

1. Natural Language Generation (NLG) is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programming to produce written narratives from a data set of human language.

2. Real-Time Voice Cloning is a deep learning framework (subset of artificial intelligence) capable of generating representations of a voice by using only a few seconds of audio.