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Untitled (face+palm)

digital photographs
Untitled (face+palm) explores the mutability of the digital archive and its ability to create new environments in which the meaning of images is in a constant state of flux. Untitled (face+palm) is a series of prints aligned on the wall in a linear sequence, the prints depict a slow process of transmutation. The images in Untitled (face+palm) consist of my own photographs and found images, or in this case, images based on search engine results. In order to distance my decision-making within the operation, the process starts with a single word using a web-based word generator. I would then use a private browser and an image database like Google Image’s to search results for that word. The private browser nullifies browsing histories and local data that would otherwise personalize my search results. The first image found in the search results became my target image. The target image would then go through a repeated process of being printed, photographed, and digitally saved. Each state of the image is then recorded and archived. The repetition of this action plays into the state of digital imagery as constantly shifting, accumulating, and easily reproduced.