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digital photographs
In the project Variants, I actively explore the omnipresence of digital imagery. Using a variety of software, hardware and social media applications, I seek to emulate and archive the ever‐changing life of digital images. By capturing, scanning, printing, and re‐photographing the original becomes lost within infinite variations of compositions, materiality, and manipulation. The physical embodiment or installations of each volume acts to imitate the indexical qualities found within digital data. What is left behind is a base catalyst representing the traits that characterize the digital as malleable and inexhaustible. Through the project Variants, I question the consequences of such incessant reproduction and re‐use of imagery, and draw attention to the eventual imperceptibility of an original source.

Variants Vol. I

32 variations

Variants Vol. II

16 of 176 variations

Variants Vol. III

21 of 100+ variations

Variants Vol. IV

21 of 80+ variations